5 post-COVID energy strategies

12 October 2020 eric morel 0

Does it really make sense to talk about a post-COVID strategy? It seems to me that the COVID episode and especially the experience of lock-down allowed some leaders to look at the world and its issues in contrast between what they had experienced before and […]


Which type of energy supplier should you be today?

22 July 2020 eric morel 0

The most trivial questions at first glance always reveal a more complex reality. This is the case with the question posed in the title. Recent developments in the energy markets have given rise to two main approaches: The supplier established as the link between producers […]


Guaranteed results or collaborative approach?

8 June 2020 eric morel 0

Why try to bring together these two trends that are emerging in force today in the energy world? Both refer to the concepts of trust and benefit: – Trust is the essential ingredient of a collaborative approach. Engaging in such an approach means giving to […]


Corona, thank you!

25 May 2020 eric morel 0

I am fully aware that I am a bit provocative with this title. But far from me, the idea of ​​disrespecting those who suffered from this period. But beyond the negative aspects which have been widely commented on, the period was rich in lessons. In […]


Surviving in a Smart City

13 January 2020 eric morel 0

The energy transition is not a concept: it is a reality that requires changes in everyone’s behavior. This is an aspect understood by many political decision-makers, which some use in a quasi-moralistic way: “You must now take public transport! “ So, as far as I’m […]


Why being stubborn to cut up the energy companies?

6 January 2020 eric morel 0

For several years, the European integrated utilities which had been built up over the past decades have been cut, modified, merged and undergo major changes in their scope of activity. Is what may seem like a stubbornness really one? Are this cutting up and these […]

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