Birth Day

In 2010, I launched, at the request of some customers, a first blog dedicated to Smart Grids: SmartGridsbyMach&Team. I selected for my followers the news which seemed to me the most structuring to understand the evolution of Smart Grids.

In 2013, I stopped then closed this blog: I did not perceive any more its specificity.

The current transformations in the sectors of the electricity and the energy exceed widely the field of the convergence of the digital technologies and the distribution networks (electricity, gas, heat, water). The evolutions also concern the topology of the energy systems, the governance of these systems, the relationships between citizens and energy, the size of the mines of data we have to explore. They are necessary all the more in zones concentrating population and economic activity.

I feel the desire and the interest to deliver you my notices on these questions.

I launch, for that purpose, a new blog, SmartCitiesbyMach&Team today. I hope it will enlighten you in the understanding and in the action! At the rate of 30 in 40 posts per year, I shall provide you with my global vision but also with my knowledge of detail, acquired for years, in the contact of the energy systems.

Long life thus to SmartCitiesbyMachnTeam!

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