Utilities face paradox with transverse projects

I have already mentioned many times the imbalance introduced into the process in place to manage power grids by intermittent energy sources.

Utilities move today from a situation where power generation had to adapt to variations in demand to a situation where consumption and production must fit together consistently.

The two worlds of power generation and power consumption, once separated, need to connect more and more to adapt to each other. Energy services to consumers can be valued based on their impact on power generation operations (demand response, distributed generation) as well as power generation always seeks to adapt to the expected demand.

Transverse projects are then necessary between the actors. Besides municipal energy companies (in Germany, Sweden or Switzerland, more rarely in other countries), the separation of production and distribution businesses imposed by European legislation acts as a brake on these transverse projects.

It is when the need to coordinate the different businesses is the highest that regulation separates them.

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