In energy matters, a warned strategist is worth 2

In all countries, our energy transitions must respond to an increasing pressure on environmental goals.

Some of us still have questions about these targets: are they legitimate, and do they meet a real need? I have recently been addressed by Chinese people who, with a very urban field of observation, did not perceive the need or the urgency. We had an extremely rich exchange.

Others, at the head of activities threatened by these transitions, deny all needs for change, as part of defensive strategies to save time.

I invite you to devote 1:30 of your time to watch this key movie. version) version)

Watch it with your colleagues, peers or children: it will give rise to exchanges of unsuspected value for a decision-maker or strategist.

No political decision-maker, no leader or industrial strategist can ignore the content. The emergence of new activities and new business models is no longer a fad of consultants: it becomes an urgent necessity and we are all expected to obtain results to allow the economic actors a mutation while preserving durably their capacity of development.

Let us react to the slowness of the French transition, the Swiss regulatory procrastination, the decrease of the German dynamic, the risks weighing on the British transition, the difficulties met by the cities to appropriate their own transition.

The era is no longer focused on concepts and the mixing of ideas but rather on achievements, profound change and questioning. The changes are already large but those to come will be even more important. It is with more determination and creativity that each company must face these new deadlines and ensure its sustainability.

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