2019: Summer of all extremes

The summer break is always conducive to taking a step back, necessary to better understand trends, better observe behaviors and positions.

This summer was particularly rich in lessons.

On the one hand, climate has increased the evidence of its disruption: drought and heat wave with temperature records in northern Europe and Japan, Iceland commemorates the loss of its first glacier due to warming, temperatures record in Alaska and Greenland ….

On the other hand, the points of view diverge: some are more and more alarmed by climate disruption, carry out daily actions at their level, gradually change their way of life, become militant while others deny, among the most important to the most common person.

This fracture confirms once more that the representation of the world that we make ourselves is neither neutral nor unique: it depends on our values, our experience but also our beliefs and our intentions.

It is also interesting to note that the more important the denial is, the more aggressive it is to defend it, as if individuals subconsciously perceived their degree of subjectivity.

This same fracture is found in political and economic leaders, perhaps because they may have stronger convictions, more pronounced intentions or beliefs, developed far from the realities, that can influence their representations.

I am now convinced that the response of the world to climate change will come from individuals, their number, their actions, their choices and the pressure they can exert on decision-makers.

As a strategists and marketing specialists, we must carefully observe the evolution of relations of power and influence to anticipate them better, develop adapted strategies and corresponding offers. For this, it is essential to “clean our glasses” that is to say to get rid of all parasitic beliefs and harmful intentions that skew our perception.

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