Flexibility, the gold rush of the energy transition?

24 September 2018 eric morel 0

Flexibility in different forms is at the forefront of energy publications and conferences. Fashionable for 10 years, the subject does not seem to run out of steam; better, flexibilities even appear today as an essential source of income. The fever of the actors in this […]


Storage and demand response: opposition or complementarity?

3 July 2017 eric morel 0

In terms of electricity, energy efficiency, the emergence of intermittent energies (solar, wind), the increasing difficulty of balancing networks, the desire to reduce the peak loads to limit investments in complementary capacities dedicated to these peaks of consumption, have increased the need to manage demand. […]


Is load shedding an outdated concept?

27 March 2017 eric morel 0

Historically, demand response has been designed as load shedding, a response to various problems encountered by power distribution networks: reduction of the peak consumption, reduction of congestions, avoidance of blackout. It consisted of interrupting some loads on command or on schedule at appropriate times. Although […]


Will Smart Cities give birth to new types of aggregators?

8 June 2015 eric morel 0

The notion of demand response sends back to us most of the time to the answers brought to the mechanisms of load balancing. These mechanisms, generally managed by the transmission system operator, can have several supports: adjustment mechanism, capacity market. They can give rise to […]