Switzerland, example or dilemma for Europe of energy?

29 October 2018 eric morel 0

Like many “small” European countries, Switzerland does not necessarily attract the attention of the big energy players. And yet? Switzerland is regularly ranked at the top of the innovating countries alongside Scandinavian countries,it enjoys a very active research infrastructure, and, in terms of energy, its […]


Fragmented energy markets are more dynamic

6 March 2017 eric morel 0

In a country, does the historical structuring of the energy market influence its current dynamism? This is the question that comes to mind when we compare the dynamics of different countries in terms of energy policy and change. Indeed, the stakes are the same for […]


European Utility Week: between myths and reality

21 November 2016 eric morel 0

The main European summit for Utilities dedicated to Smart energy has just finished. It helped to take the pulse of the industry and see what facade it offers today to its customers. Because, more and more, this is, for the participating vendors, a pure exercise […]

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