5 post-COVID energy strategies

12 October 2020 eric morel 0

Does it really make sense to talk about a post-COVID strategy? It seems to me that the COVID episode and especially the experience of lock-down allowed some leaders to look at the world and its issues in contrast between what they had experienced before and […]


Which type of energy supplier should you be today?

22 July 2020 eric morel 0

The most trivial questions at first glance always reveal a more complex reality. This is the case with the question posed in the title. Recent developments in the energy markets have given rise to two main approaches: The supplier established as the link between producers […]


Corona, thank you!

25 May 2020 eric morel 0

I am fully aware that I am a bit provocative with this title. But far from me, the idea of ​​disrespecting those who suffered from this period. But beyond the negative aspects which have been widely commented on, the period was rich in lessons. In […]


Proximity: a key element of energy companies’ strategy

16 December 2019 eric morel 0

The proximity of energy companies with their customers has been developed historically in some countries, where energy suppliers have remained local (Germany, Switzerland) or even regional (Austria, Finland). These local energy companies today generally enjoy a strong image, a reputation well above average and a […]


Sell electricity and gas or energy intelligence?

27 August 2018 eric morel 0

The main activity, what do I say ?, the sole activity of energy companies vis-à-vis their residential customers has been, for decades, to provide and sell them, gas and electricity, in seemingly unlimited quantity and with a minimum of shortages. For some years now, evolutions […]


7 reasons for a city to become smart

20 August 2018 eric morel 0

It seems obvious that a city should, today, become Smart, ie a digital city. But are we clear on the reasons for this evolution? How to make it understood by all citizens? How to organize it to create value? To answer these questions, let’s start […]


The energy transition: examples of offensive approaches

6 August 2018 eric morel 0

Unlike the United States and France, which I mentioned recently, countries have adopted, for various reasons, a more offensive strategy in the face of energy transition issues: An offensive strategy by choice: Denmark In 1995, Denmark’s electricity generation is largely dominated by coal (97%). Denmark […]

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