Will Smart Cities give birth to new types of aggregators?

8 June 2015 eric morel 0

The notion of demand response sends back to us most of the time to the answers brought to the mechanisms of load balancing. These mechanisms, generally managed by the transmission system operator, can have several supports: adjustment mechanism, capacity market. They can give rise to […]


The citizens wait for meaningful Smart Cities

1 June 2015 eric morel 0

Digital projects sometimes raise question to the citizens: the intelligent meters for example. Others are well accepted: the quasi-generalization of the high-speed Internet access. What characteristic differentiates them so that the welcome, which is reserved for them, is so different while the associated objective risks […]


Why are district heating networks on the roll?

22 May 2015 eric morel 0

Today the district heating networks feed 10 % of the European housing. This figure hides important disparities; the percentage is higher in Northern and Eastern Europe than in Western and Southern European countries and in some big countries: Iceland (92 %), Denmark (61 %), Poland […]


What makes the value of the concept of Smart City?

19 April 2015 eric morel 0

To raise this question means asking, one more time, the definition of a Smart City. That can be justifiable at the first hours of this blog. All the more justifiable as everything becomes certified “Smart City”: the slightest urban area getting modernized, the slightest conference […]

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Birth Day

17 April 2015 eric morel 0

In 2010, I launched, at the request of some customers, a first blog dedicated to Smart Grids: SmartGridsbyMach&Team. I selected for my followers the news which seemed to me the most structuring to understand the evolution of Smart Grids. In 2013, I stopped then closed […]

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