The puzzle of EV charging infrastructures

20 November 2017 eric morel 2

In recent decades, between electric vehicles and charging infrastructure, it is a little history of the chicken and the egg: the development of one being the key to the development of the other and vice versa. Let’s take a closer look at the charging infrastructures, […]


Each country has his own Smart Grid!

13 November 2017 eric morel 0

All Smart Grids meet the same goals and trends. But Smart Grids themselves differ according to market structures, network topologies or human or economic geography. More than the smart grids themselves, the way they are built and made to emerge varies greatly. The major cultural […]


Smart cities will be built in chaos and diversity

30 October 2017 eric morel 0

Smart Cities are an incredibly complex concept, combining the adoption of new technologies, the development of new governance, the establishment of a new link with citizens, the cross-functional operation of the city and the improvement of the experience of the users of the city. Can we […]


Does the media buzz serve the energy transition?

23 October 2017 eric morel 0

Obviously, the boiling of a market like that of energy generates buzz. This blog, like others, participates. Today, the buzz is multiple: there is the one created by innovators and start-ups to stimulate the take-off of their sales, that of energy companies wishing to renew […]


Is the energy transition the same for everyone?

9 October 2017 eric morel 0

In Europe, the energy revolution is underway. Renewable energies are expanding, energy systems are digitized, micro-producers are organizing themselves and disintermediation movements are underway. That sounds a lot; I am convinced that we are only at the beginning of the transformation of the energy sector. […]


The strategic dilemma(?) of alternative Energy Suppliers

2 October 2017 eric morel 0

The opening up of energy markets to competition has led to the emergence of new energy suppliers. They are not producers. They are not distribution network operators. Their model seems unprecedented on a national scale. I often hear large utilities disdain them as they don’t […]


The CDO: the king of digitization in utilities?

25 September 2017 eric morel 0

Originally, we knew the CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CTO (Chief Technical Officer). As the CXO concept worked well and was widely adopted even in non-English speaking countries, we saw the CMO (Marketing), the COO (Operations), the CIO (Information) flourish. More […]


Dear cities and utilities: you are unique!

18 September 2017 eric morel 0

This title, in the style of declaration of love, is inspired by what I observe very often: cities and utilities willing to deploy solutions proven by others. Why would this simple observation justify a particular argument? In the development of energy systems, each situation is […]

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