Coal: a banned source of energy!

12 February 2018 eric morel 0

Although the main source of energy in the 19th century, coal lost importance in the global mix but its production continued to grow until 2014 before stagnating in the last two years. The first coal-producing countries are in descending order: China, India, the United States, […]


Fight against climate change: a high court is needed!

29 January 2018 eric morel 0

The protection of the environment and the fight against global warming are now based on two main trends: – A mass movement emanating from contributing citizens acting at their level. Through their individual behaviors, or collectively through associations and groups, they create these small streams […]


A signature for energy companies?

15 January 2018 eric morel 0

Some starred restaurants have long defined their “signature”: a detail characterizing them and allowing them to be identified immediately. It can be a culinary focus: fish or mushrooms, or a particular dish. This signature conveys a part of their history, of their culture; it helps […]


Should future utilities integrate all competences?

1 January 2018 eric morel 0

In recent months, utilities have been active on the Demand Response question: while Alpiq previously acquired Flexitricity and Engie invested in Kiwipower, two new acquisitions targeted major players in this nascent market: EnerNoc acquired by ENEL and ReStore purchased by Centrica. What do these acquisitions […]


Schools: a strategic target of the energy transition

25 December 2017 eric morel 0

The energy transition is a matter of technology, know-how and competence. This seems to be obvious to all. I have already mentioned, in many of my articles, the fact that energy transition is also a matter of mental patterns and behaviors. If the adoption of […]


The energy mix: a question of dosage!

18 December 2017 eric morel 0

Managing an energy transition is now the challenge for all countries under the pressure of the global greenhouse gas reduction targets. Above all, the debates in all countries show that an energy transition is reflected and described first of all as an evolution of the […]

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