Cities: place of extreme concentration of energy issues

21 May 2018 eric morel 0

For decades, the world of energy has developed around fairly stable chains of actors within which the roles were clear and well distributed. In recent years, cities and local authorities have tried to invite themselves among the historical actors. Why this movement? What are cities […]


TSO – DSO: do we want a winning team?

14 May 2018 eric morel 0

The continuity of a transmission network (TSO) and a distribution network (DSO) is obvious, both for the electrons and for us, observers. However, for technical, organizational and market reasons, these networks have been developed separately and managed by different entities. My initial observation allows us […]


Energy transition: you need the right skills!

23 April 2018 eric morel 0

The energy transition is a disruptive evolution everyone sees clearly today. Its technological, business, economic and regulatory aspects are often debated and commented. But what about the human aspects and, more particularly, would it not have an impact on the skills needs by energy companies? […]


The energy transition of today and tomorrow

16 April 2018 eric morel 0

An energy transition, i.e. a significant change in the energy mix, considered most often in a country, is only relevant if it significantly improves one of the expected performances of energy systems and markets: the cost of energy, its availability, the energy independence of the […]


Gas: future star of fossil energies?

9 April 2018 eric morel 0

Gas is one of the world’s leading energy sources. It is heavily used to produce electricity. Indeed, 36% of natural gas is consumed to produce electricity, against 31% for residential applications (cooking, heating) and 19% for industrial applications. The size of gas power or heat […]


Energy efficiency: priority n ° 1 of the energy transition?

2 April 2018 eric morel 0

In many circumstances, the development of renewable energies is presented as a fundamental pillar of the energy transition. The professional associations representing the players in the wind and solar sectors have gained strength and are fighting a fierce battle for the development of the sectors […]

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