Episode 4: Energy Transitions Need Societal Changes

15 April 2019 eric morel 0

Energy transitions are global movements in which many actors have a very different role: the regulators set a frame or promote the evolutions, the citizens alert and are used to initiate many changes, the big actors try to favor the movement while protecting their interests […]


Sell electricity and gas or energy intelligence?

27 August 2018 eric morel 0

The main activity, what do I say ?, the sole activity of energy companies vis-à-vis their residential customers has been, for decades, to provide and sell them, gas and electricity, in seemingly unlimited quantity and with a minimum of shortages. For some years now, evolutions […]


The energy transition: examples of offensive approaches

6 August 2018 eric morel 0

Unlike the United States and France, which I mentioned recently, countries have adopted, for various reasons, a more offensive strategy in the face of energy transition issues: An offensive strategy by choice: Denmark In 1995, Denmark’s electricity generation is largely dominated by coal (97%). Denmark […]


The energy transition of today and tomorrow

16 April 2018 eric morel 0

An energy transition, i.e. a significant change in the energy mix, considered most often in a country, is only relevant if it significantly improves one of the expected performances of energy systems and markets: the cost of energy, its availability, the energy independence of the […]


Energy transition: your partners are limiting yourself!

5 March 2018 eric morel 0

The energy revolution is a systemic revolution. The evolutions of all the elements, means of production of electricity or heat, topology of the distribution networks, opening and liberalization of the gas and electricity markets, mode of consumption, are evolutions that are so important and numerous […]

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