The Open Data as an engine of innovation and adoption

13 June 2016 eric morel 0

City governance, in most countries, is very influenced in its organization and methods, by traditional working modes of public entities. The animation of the urban community, residents and economic actors, relies on principles based on expectations rather mechanistic and on a simple and direct causality. […]

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Can and should we refuse electric smart meters?

25 April 2016 eric morel 0

In all countries where smart meters are deployed, individuals, elected officials or groups oppose their deployment? Do they really have reason to do so? In the invoked reasons for refusal, some seem legitimate (although I have not personally seen such cases): those recognized as electro-sensitive […]


The citizens wait for meaningful Smart Cities

1 June 2015 eric morel 0

Digital projects sometimes raise question to the citizens: the intelligent meters for example. Others are well accepted: the quasi-generalization of the high-speed Internet access. What characteristic differentiates them so that the welcome, which is reserved for them, is so different while the associated objective risks […]