Surviving in a Smart City

13 January 2020 eric morel 0

The energy transition is not a concept: it is a reality that requires changes in everyone’s behavior. This is an aspect understood by many political decision-makers, which some use in a quasi-moralistic way: “You must now take public transport! “ So, as far as I’m […]


Why being stubborn to cut up the energy companies?

6 January 2020 eric morel 0

For several years, the European integrated utilities which had been built up over the past decades have been cut, modified, merged and undergo major changes in their scope of activity. Is what may seem like a stubbornness really one? Are this cutting up and these […]


Proximity: a key element of energy companies’ strategy

16 December 2019 eric morel 0

The proximity of energy companies with their customers has been developed historically in some countries, where energy suppliers have remained local (Germany, Switzerland) or even regional (Austria, Finland). These local energy companies today generally enjoy a strong image, a reputation well above average and a […]


When will energy standards for buildings meet all expectations?

9 December 2019 eric morel 0

Until now, the building energy standards that have prevailed in Europe have been technical specifications recommending the implementation of technologies and solutions to achieve a partial technical performance. For example, this is the case in Switzerland with the Minergie standard, in Germany with the Passivhaus […]


Installers, keystone of energy transitions

2 December 2019 eric morel 0

Photovoltaic panels are flourishing on rooftops in Europe and around the world but, in the case of integrated installations, how many problems of sealing have been caused by this installation? We are now building very well isolated homes in many countries, but how often do […]


European Utility Week 2019: the end of buzzwords?

25 November 2019 eric morel 0

While every visitor to EUW prepares to be bombarded with buzzwords, these buzzwords we’ve been overflowed with, EUW booked a surprise this year: the sobriety of the messages on the booths and in the conferences offered in the Hub Sessions. Should we be alarmed? Would […]


Collective self-consumption: a regulatory affair?

18 November 2019 eric morel 0

After having explored this question about individual self-consumption a few weeks ago, it seems interesting to pay a special interest to the case of collective self-consumption. Although collective self-consumption and consumers’ communities respond to a fundamental societal trend, that of sharing, their development in Europe […]

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