Energy efficiency: a changing concept

5 November 2018 eric morel 0

Initially, energy efficiency was conceived as energy savings. Although sobriety remains at the heart of energy efficiency, new conceptions of energy efficiency have developed and give very contrasting images of this notion. Why so many different points of view and why this evolution? Energy efficiency […]


Energy efficiency: obligation or no obligation?

17 September 2018 eric morel 0

What lies behind this innocuous question? For some proponents of liberalism, energy efficiency should not be an obligation, free to everyone to commit to it: it is clear that few actors feel concerned and the progress we must make will be achieved in almost no […]


An energy audit is not a guarantee of performance

23 July 2018 eric morel 0

Many countries have made energy audits mandatory, especially for larger consumers, as part of their energy efficiency policy. But is this provision effective? Is it the first step in the desired energy transition for all consumers? In cases where consumers have little risk of being […]


Energy efficiency: priority n ° 1 of the energy transition?

2 April 2018 eric morel 0

In many circumstances, the development of renewable energies is presented as a fundamental pillar of the energy transition. The professional associations representing the players in the wind and solar sectors have gained strength and are fighting a fierce battle for the development of the sectors […]


Should cities have their own ESCO?

31 October 2016 eric morel 0

As part of their energy policy and particularly of energy efficiency, the main challenge faced by cities is the financing of the thermal rehabilitation of buildings. In this context, the use of third party financing through Energy Performance Contracts often imposed itself as a mean […]

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Energy efficiency is a journey

16 May 2016 eric morel 0

Ten years ago, an energy services provider offering an energy audit, a service to analyse and reduce a gas or electricity bill, was nearly a pioneer: it drew attention and responded to emerging major needs of industrial and commercial consumers. At the same time, initiate […]


The EPC, a powerful financing means of Energy Efficiency

11 January 2016 eric morel 0

The EPC (Energy Performance Contract) is a funding mechanism based on the principle of reimbursement of energy efficiency expenses by savings. Thanks to the EPC, an investment for the benefit of energy savings is financially neutral for the consumer: the energy bill is replaced by […]

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