Why so many energy suppliers?

20 May 2019 eric morel 0

The liberalization of the energy markets, decided in Europe 20 years ago, was supposed to help develop competition. This is the case and the movement that has begun is certainly beyond anything we could expect with respect to electricity and, to a lesser extent, gas. […]


Are we still in need of energy economists?

22 April 2019 eric morel 0

Sometimes you have to provoke to draw attention to a subject! Now I seem to be tackling an institution established for long in the energy markets! Why is that? For decades, we have paid great attention to security and continuity of energy supply; they have […]


Episode 4: Energy Transitions Need Societal Changes

15 April 2019 eric morel 0

Energy transitions are global movements in which many actors have a very different role: the regulators set a frame or promote the evolutions, the citizens alert and are used to initiate many changes, the big actors try to favor the movement while protecting their interests […]

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