The difficult economic equation of DSOs

11 March 2019 eric morel 0

Definitely, the DSOs have a lot of hassle! Although evolving in a so-called regulated environment, I already mentioned the fact that they live a situation close to that of a real competition. But another difficulty presents itself to them, in the form of a puzzle […]


Energy providers: the skills that make the difference

11 February 2019 eric morel 0

Historical suppliers have experienced the time when technical expertise, including network management, dominated because they allowed, in integrated utilities, to ensure the essential: continuity of service and the quality of energy supplied. We were then in a “pushed” value where the energy provider delivered a […]


An energy transition is judged in the long term

4 February 2019 eric morel 0

An energy transition is like a race for transatlantic sailing: several paths are possible, each of them includes pitfalls and difficulties (storms, lack of wind), the intermediate positions of competitors do not always predict the final result. And what connection with energy transitions? Many articles […]


Energy suppliers: at the heart of a global move

14 January 2019 eric morel 1

Never before have we needed to see all energy consumers change their habits, become more sober, more energy-conscious, and we have never been more aware of the difficulties involved in engaging consumers in this transformation. At the heart of this paradox are the energy suppliers, […]

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