The emergence of “fractal grids”

30 May 2016 eric morel 0

More and more interconnections between European countries to ensure better security of supply, the increasing difficulty of balancing the network, globally and locally, due to the development of intermittent energy sources, the increasing involvement of cities in the energy and sustainable development, energy optimization that […]


The energy transition is a too limiting concept

23 May 2016 eric morel 0

In most countries, energy stakeholders define the energy transition as a roadmap towards a lower carbon energy mix. I noted in a previous article, the subjective nature of this name: the evolution of energy systems is very slow but should remain continuous to let these […]

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Energy efficiency is a journey

16 May 2016 eric morel 0

Ten years ago, an energy services provider offering an energy audit, a service to analyse and reduce a gas or electricity bill, was nearly a pioneer: it drew attention and responded to emerging major needs of industrial and commercial consumers. At the same time, initiate […]