Is load shedding an outdated concept?

27 March 2017 eric morel 0

Historically, demand response has been designed as load shedding, a response to various problems encountered by power distribution networks: reduction of the peak consumption, reduction of congestions, avoidance of blackout. It consisted of interrupting some loads on command or on schedule at appropriate times. Although […]


Smart cities : Myth or reality

13 March 2017 eric morel 0

The cities seem suddenly taken with a frenetic appetite for technology: they all knock at the door of the digital world: they become SMART, in other words, intelligent. What are the foundations of this movement? What is the real power of technologies? Is the real […]


Fragmented energy markets are more dynamic

6 March 2017 eric morel 0

In a country, does the historical structuring of the energy market influence its current dynamism? This is the question that comes to mind when we compare the dynamics of different countries in terms of energy policy and change. Indeed, the stakes are the same for […]