Fight against climate change: a high court is needed!

The protection of the environment and the fight against global warming are now based on two main trends:

– A mass movement emanating from contributing citizens acting at their level. Through their individual behaviors, or collectively through associations and groups, they create these small streams that will give birth to large rivers.

– A movement of states that act consistently to accelerate the dynamics and offer a global framework, including a legal one, that is more favorable.

In this context, Donald Trump’s climate-skeptic position is significantly in opposition to the general movement. Although the US federal guidelines may be tempered by measures taken at the state level or by some major industries, such an orientation of the head of the 2nd CO2 emitting country is not trivial.

As countries struggle for their survival now, threatened, for example, by the rising waters, while millions of people, especially in the energy sector, fight to save lives and what we will leave to the generations future, Mr. Trump and his main acolytes including Scott Pruitt, head of the US Environmental Protection Agency, take the risk of removing countries from the world map, of eliminating countless lives and of puttting in danger the future of our planet.

We are simply facing a massive green crime against humanity. We have been familiar for 25 years with the war crime against humanity. It was easy, thanks to the shocking images and the unsustainable exactions that we have witnessed by television interposed. In the case of the massive green crime against humanity, the consequences will not be immediate, there is no shocking image, there are only the numerous testimonies of a slow drift towards disaster. But the result will be potentially more terrible.

Donald Trump is of course not the only representative of this political line but he is the most symbolic. When will the perpetrators of a massive green crime against humanity be prosecuted in a high international court of law?

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