Benchmarking or tyranny of the average?

22 February 2016 eric morel 0

A few years ago, we were talking about good practice to qualify the advanced expertise that we could find among our peers or our competitors to inspire us, to copy or improve them. Through this, we tried to accelerate our progress in mastering all activities […]


Is NZEB a promising concept for Smart Cities?

8 February 2016 eric morel 0

In Europe, the NZEB (Nearly Zero-Energy Building) stands as the future standard for buildings meeting the requirements of the Directive 2010/31 / EU that defines the energy performance to be achieved by the construction sector in particular after 2020. A similar evolution of the legislation […]


Are electric vehicles so clean?

25 January 2016 eric morel 0

The nascent excitement around electric vehicles is rooted in the ecological interest they may have. With them the exhaust belongs to the past! But are they really less polluting than vehicles with « normal » combustion engines? The answer seems obvious to us but it may be […]


The EPC, a powerful financing means of Energy Efficiency

11 January 2016 eric morel 0

The EPC (Energy Performance Contract) is a funding mechanism based on the principle of reimbursement of energy efficiency expenses by savings. Thanks to the EPC, an investment for the benefit of energy savings is financially neutral for the consumer: the energy bill is replaced by […]


Energy boxes for which value?

4 January 2016 eric morel 0

The idea of boxes Energy is not new: fifteen years ago, the desire to rely on residential gateways and the first home automation offerings already reflected the hopes placed in technology to improve energy efficiency in residential housing and, at that time, rather in the […]


Pilot projects may hide our unability to decide

21 December 2015 eric morel 0

In every city and in every country, bloom pilot projects, demonstrators and various types of tests. The launch of such a project is enough to attract journalists to a city claiming itself to be a Smart City, in short, feeding the buzz. But, why so […]


Reinventing the city: a job to be reserved to city planners

14 December 2015 eric morel 0

In recent years, major technological advances in the digital domain focus attention and investment: cloud applications, mobile applications, Internet of things etc … Their deployment in the area of the city stands out as an inevitable trend and opportunities seem an inexhaustible source of innovations. In […]

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