Energy: a source of progress for industrial energy consumers

During numerous recent meetings in Belgium, Switzerland and France, I had the opportunity to discuss energy topics with many industrial companies.

These meetings enabled me to confirm one of their needs that I have already mentioned: the need to be accompanied in the long term, with a vision and a displayed perspective and not to be presented with a catalog of services in which to choose the next to be delivered. Demand is no longer latent, it is now clearly expressed.

A majority of large consumers now have a changing vision of energy services. The main objectives remain: to save energy, to make the image of the company greener, to obtain environmental certifications, to be more independent from the incumbent actors.

But many are now making the link between energy efficiency initiatives, the search for consumption flexibilities to be monetized, the optimization of the use of local renewable productions and a better understanding of their processes, the unavoidable discovery of new productivity tracks or the improvement of the quality of their own production or services.

Energy is no longer just a fluid, a concern for buyers, a direct economic or environmental issue, it now becomes an opportunity to better understand how the facilities and the production processes work, to have a more systemic vision of them and to derive benefits far beyond the energy field itself.

This approach is not new: in the past, it was exceptional. It seems to be spreading widely. Energy providers will not be obliged to meet them, but those who will guide their customers in this global dynamic will necessarily make the difference.

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